Fixed Supply ERC20 Contract


The FixedSupplyToken smart contract implements all the mandatory ERC20 functions. They are:

totalSupply(), balanceOf(...), transfer(...), transferFrom(...), approve(...) and allowance(...)

Additionally, the approveAndCall(...) functionality is included so that the two operations of executing tokenContract.approve(targetContract, tokens) and targetContract.doSomething(...) (which will execute tokenContract.transferFrom(user, targetContact, tokens)) can be combined into a single approveAndCall(...) transaction. Please only use this functionality with trusted smart contracts, and with checks!

Factory deployTokenContract Function

  • function deployTokenContract(string memory symbol, string memory name, uint8 decimals, uint totalSupply) public payable returns (address token)

Deploy a new token contract. The account executing this function will be assigned as the owner of the new token contract. The entire totalSupply is minted for the token contract owner.


  • symbol: Symbol of the token
  • name: Token contract name
  • decimals: Decimal places, between 0 and 27. Commonly 18
  • totalSupply: The number of tokens that will be minted to the token contract owner's account